Vision Explorer

Data acquisition system for ERG, EOG, PERG, pattern reversal, pattern onset, flash and albino VEP measurements.


A short description of the system is available: poster-iscev-2002.pdf.

In case of interest I'll convert this to an open source project. Information about this project is available from

The PC-based visual stimulatator is available from here:

The demo version of Vision Explorer (without analog to digital converter support) can be downloaded from here

To instal, the program unzip the file to C:\ (this will create a "Vision" subdirectory on C:\ with several subdirectories. No drivers are installed. To deinstall the programm delete the Vision subdirectory on C:\. Sample data files are stored in the Vision\Data subdirectory. The documentation file is in the C:\Vision\Documentation directory.

Direction for use

The idea behind Open Source